Group Fitness Classes

We are offering the following group fitness classes below. We are currently offering 10 sessions for $80 dollars!


Tabata Classes

Want to get in on the Tabata training trend but not sure where to begin? Our the gym is offering group exercise class for this HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout. 

Piloxing Classes

What exactly is piloxing? This workout is a unique blend of pilates and kickboxing that has amazing health benefits. This workout increase flexibility while burning a ton of calories at the same time!

Power Yoga Class

Are you ready to take your yoga skills to the next level? This power yoga class focuses on increased flexibility and advance moves. Even if your a beginner, this yoga class will make you and expert in no time! Checkout our power yoga classes today!

Circuit Training

Stop spending hours at the gym working only one muscle group at time. Spend less time working out and increase the amount of calories burned with our intense full-body circuit training classes.