Group Personal Training 

Sticking to workout plan can be tough, especially on your own. If you have 2-3 friends with similar fitness goals, you can join our group personal training program today! You can get the benefits of a personal trainer while saving money, plus you get workout with your friends! Below are the details of this program.


Phase 1 - Assessment

We gather some details on your health history, current health lifestyle, and your fitness goals. You have the option to take measurements in this phase and we ensure to make this process stress free.

Phase 2 - Planning

Once we have the details from phase 1, we create a fitness plan personalized for your group. We go over the weekly workouts and all the phases of the workout plan!

Phase 3 - Implementation and Monitoring

This where the fun begins! We make sure stick to the routine and measure your progress along the way. This is to make sure you stay on track and achieve your fitness goals established in phase 2.

Phase 4- Completion and evaluation

At the end of the program we go over all the established goals from phase 2 and compare that to the results. Hopefully everything goes according to the plan and your on own to continuing your own fitness plan for the long-term!